James Plumley

Director of Engineering

James has 30 years of engineering experience in the energy sector, with a heavy focus on large civil and environmental operations. His resume encompasses various projects, including construction, demolition, and reconstruction of bridges, highways, railways, water systems, ventilation shafts and borings, and high-pressure pipelines. Prior to joining LPL, James was Director of Engineering for a large energy company, overseeing a team of 25 engineers in four separate subsidiaries, generating annual revenues of over $1 billion. His primary expertise and responsibilities encompass all phases of project design through completion, including civil bidding and estimating computer programming, and managing all engineering and design contractors for LPL.

James earned his Engineering Degree from Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois and West Virginia.

Fun Fact: Personal relationship with Little Family and Horan Family 10 years